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Covid-Safe Wedding: How to Plan Your Big Day Safely during Pandemic?

The wedding season has begun, and it is a time of celebration for many. But many people are unsure of how to celebrate their wedding during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since the beginning of 2020, Covid-19 has changed the lifestyle of the world. As the deadly disease spreads in public, it has affected people’s lives around the world. Marriage is one of the most important events in human life and its celebration also changed due to the pandemic. From the wedding ceremony to the wedding dress of the bride and groom, the well-known form has changed in all aspects of the wedding due to corona.

Although two years have passed since the corona came into the world, the situation is still not normal. Rather, corona infections are on the rise in winter and are expected to increase in the coming days. And a new Covid variant, Omicron, has already hit other parts of the world and Bangladesh is expected to see it soon. However, there is no certainty as to when this situation will return to normal. Large events were canceled to avoid crowds at the beginning of the corona outbreak in 2020. However, after the lockdown was relaxed, all kinds of events including weddings are being organized on a small scale.

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How to Arrange a Covid Proof Wedding amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Preparation for Wedding during Pandemic

Traditionally weddings in Bangladesh are not a one-day event. Mehendi, Haldi, Wedding, and reception comprise at least a four-day event. But one needs to take immense preparation to host all those events. Some people take several months to arrange a perfect wedding event. However, Covid has changed everything. Previously the Bangladesh government was instructed to prevent more than 50 guests from gathering. Nevertheless, the government did allow hosting a large-scale wedding last year as corona was under control. But we are approaching another hit in the next few months and the government has already given a hint to impose covid regulations again. Hence, there will be no alternative except hosting weddings on a small scale at home. So, one should maintain safety protocol to arrange the event safely.

During this pandemic, anyone can do most of the shopping online instead of shopping for weddings in groups. Everything from Haldi equipment to raw materials is now being bought online. Even then, if someone wants to go to a shopping mall to shop, try your best to follow the hygiene rules. Whether you host at home or any community/convention center try to limit the guest.

Reduce the Number of Guests

First of all, give priority to the family. When the bride and groom’s family are united, the number of members often exceeds 50, sometimes more than 100. So close relatives should be included in the guest list.

Secondly, invite different guests to different events. As you know, multiple events are held on multiple days to complete the wedding event. As a result, the list of guests may vary from day to day. For example, teenagers love the mehendi and haldi nights while senior citizens would prefer staying on the wedding day. On the other hand, young people can join the reception. You may explain the situation and everyone will understand this. Hence, friends and relatives will be able to join this special time of your life. That’s how you can maintain Covid safety protocols while most of the people can join at least one event. Further, you also have the option to reduce the events and invitation-only family members and nearest relatives or friends.

Moreover, it is important to understand the travel distance of the guests before inviting them. Many relatives live abroad or in other parts of the country. Therefore, it is better to avoid inviting them into this situation.

If there are children or older people on the guest list, you should not try to make them a part of the event. Because they are the riskiest to expose to Corona. But you can keep them by your side on your special day by streaming the event live online. The Internet will bridge the gap here.

During the Event

Marriage is the beginning of one of the most memorable chapters in life. So, everyone wants to look elegant and eye-catching. Let it be domestic and on a large scale, if the bride is not able to take a makeover at home, she may go to a parlor where the staff would take all the safety measures including wearing PPE and masks. Now beauticians or makeover artists from many parlors are coming home with their own cosmetics. If possible, you can contact them.

Organize at home or at the convention center, make sure there is a three-foot distance from one chair to another. Ensure adequate health protection in every event management, whether it is Akdh, Haldi, or wedding arrangements. Arrange adequate hand sanitizer, plate-glass on the dining table and all accessories can be wrapped with a sophisticated plastic paper. Everyone, including the guests, the host, and the bride and groom, should have a mask on their face. Many fashion houses are making fashionable masks matching wedding dresses or ceremony dresses. So, the bride and groom may wear such a mask in combination with the wedding dress at the pandemic wedding. Keep hand sanitizers along with sweets in the tray when welcoming guests at this time of this pandemic.

After the Event

Even when the wedding event is over, the precautions do not end. As the host of the events, one should contact the attendees after the event in case of possible exposure. It is because, if any attendee gets exposed to covid right after the event, every attendee will have to take proper steps.

Final Words

Hosting wedding events has reduced significantly in Bangladesh or people are arranging marriage ceremonies on a very short scale comprising a few family members. Life will not stop because of Corona and we have to continue our life with Corona. Hence, this article might help you a bit to arrange a covid-safe wedding.

Source: United News of Bangladesh