Close Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee: Firoz Rashid

Jatiya Party MP Kazi Firoz Rashid on Sunday demanded the Home Minister take steps to close Ekattorer Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee and all other such committees so that no one can annihilate people.

“We’ve some organisations — Nastik Nirmul Committee (a platform that seeks annihilation of atheists) and Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee. Who’ve given them the authority to annihilate? I would like to know. Who’re you to annihilate people? There’re courts in our country, aren’t?” he told Parliament joining the general discussion on thanksgiving motion on the President’s speech.

Noting that this government held the trial of many cases, Firoz Rashid said the trial of the killing of Bangabandhu was completed and that of collaborators (of Pakistani occupation forces) is being held.

“I would like to request the Home Minister to close these organisations so that no one can annihilate people,” said the Jatiya Party MP.

Firoz Rashid also criticised his own party’s MPs saying that the speeches of some members do not make it clear that which party they actually belong to.

“We joined the election forging an alliance with Awami League, but sat in Parliament as the opposition. It’s the beauty of democracy. I’m sorry to say it can’t be understood with the words of some of our members which party they actually belong to,” he said.

“There’re some MPs who don’t utter the names of Jatiya Party and its leader HM Ershad, not even for a single time,” he said.

The Jatiya Party MP lamented that though his party has a role behind the big success of the government in every sector, not AL leader ever mentioned it for a single time. “Why is this unkindness?”

He said: “Had Jatiya Party not joined the 2014 general election there would have been no election and no government. Had it been so, there wouldn’t have been any development in the country either.”

This Parliament is a very colourful and lively one,” said Firoz adding that all opposition parties are there in this Parliament.

Source: United News of Bangladesh