Christmas Traditions in European Football Leagues

December signifies the beginning of worldwide preparations for the New Year and Christmas celebrations. However, western countries are the most opulent in terms of celebration because of the great number of Christians. Christmas is observed across Europe by the cultures and customs of various countries. Football matches on Boxing Day are quite popular in the United Kingdom. However, other European football leagues take winter break during this time of the year. Let’s have a look at how major football leagues in Europe celebrate Christmas.

Football Leagues in Europe at Christmas

Premier League football has recently taken up a large part of England’s Christmas celebrations. Therefore, footballers in the English Premier League find it difficult to spend Christmas with their families. Though players from other European leagues spend quality time with their families. Let’s look at some of the major leagues over the holiday season.

Christmas in the Premier League of England

During the Christmas season, the English Premier League is the only football competition that takes place. Players don’t get a vacation over the holidays because many league games are planned around Christmas and New Year’s Day.

English teams used to play football games on Christmas Day in the past, but this habit changed in the 1950s, as December 25 was designated as a family day only. As a result, Boxing Day football became a tradition in the United Kingdom.

Premier League teams that play on Boxing Day must practice on Christmas Day in order to stay sharp. Teams normally practice twice as much for away games, and they also travel on Christmas Eve to stay overnight. Teams who are lucky enough to be playing at home on Boxing Day typically have a morning workout so that they may spend time with their family for the Christmas party.

It is tough for Premier League players to adjust to the custom. Players frequently have to practice when many families in the UK are enjoying a traditional Christmas feast since they have crucial matches throughout the festive season. It is always chilly at this time of year, and rain, snow, and hail are common. Players from all clubs usually visit local hospitals during the Christmas period.

Christmas in Europe’s Other Major Leagues

Unlike England, all of Europe’s major leagues are closed for two weeks over the holiday season. Though, fans from those leagues have increased their voices to have football matches scheduled at this time so that they may enjoy like the way British fans do in the English Premier League.

Boxing Day has always attracted the interest of coaches in other European football leagues. In 2018, the Italian Serie A attempted to schedule several matches around the Christmas season. However, their efforts did not go as planned. The stadium attendance and the broadcast audience were both low for the fixtures. The lack of a winter break harmed players’ performance and increased their risks of becoming injured.

A few months later, Serie A declared that the usual two-week Christmas vacation break will be resumed. In this regard, there are also cultural and customary reasons for not holding matches during holiday seasons.

Footballers, like everyone else, enjoy a pleasant holiday with their loved ones because there are no football games over the Christmas season.

Bottom Line

People in Europe get plenty of time to celebrate because of the Christmas and New Year holidays. Therefore, the English Football League usually plans to host a large number of games at the time. Footballers are likewise preoccupied with preparation for the match after spending time with their families on Christmas Day, and as a consequence, they do not have much time to enjoy. On the other hand, footballers in other European leagues usually go for a vacation with their family to spend Christmas because of winter break. Overall, the Christmas season is a happy occasion for everybody in Europe.

Source: United News of Bangladesh