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Choose the Right Curtains for Your Home: The Ultimate Guide

Choosing curtains can be a daunting aspect of home décor. The right curtains can create harmony among the furniture and decorative pieces fashioning a home that is welcoming and tranquil. On the other hand, selecting the wrong ones can completely break the entire look of the house. With the multifarious options available, this seemingly simple task can get quite overwhelming. So let’s take a look at these 4 basic steps of picking out the appropriate drapes for your home.

How to find the perfect curtains for your adorable home

Setting an intention

The first and most important step of figuring out the perfect curtains is to determine the intention behind it. People use curtains for privacy, for décor or to simply to control the amount of sunlight they want to let inside the house.

For instance, a bedroom requires all three. So while choosing curtains for the bedroom it is necessary to pick something that serves all three purposes of maintaining seclusion, exuding a sense of calm and blocking out sunlight when needed. Contrarily, for the living room, one might want a sense of vibrancy. In that case, selecting sheer fabric with bright colors might also be a desirable option.

Some people opt for the same curtains all over the house. This calls in the need for handpicking a type of curtain that does not clash with the intention of each room and also resonates with the décor of the entire home.

Choosing a style of décor

The next facet to consider is to determine one’s personal taste of style. Styles can vary from traditional, bohemian, industrial and modern to minimalistic. Depending on the décor chosen for the furniture and decorative ornaments, the apt curtains can be figured out by assessing the following factors.

a. Color

The color of the curtains reveals the purpose and taste of the owner. Traditional style of décor demands darker and regal colors like wine red, royal blue or deep purple. Whereas minimalistic décor calls for lighter shades like pastel blue, pink, yellow and white.

Each color has a definitive purpose to serve. To pick the right color for the curtains, it is imperative to think about the intention and style of the room. For bedrooms, choosing colors like turquoise, light blue, light green or light shades of purple can be suited as they can emanate a sense of tranquility. For living rooms, colors like red, orange or yellow can complement or match the energy of the room.

Colors can also be figured out based on the desired amount of sunlight in a room. To block out sunlight, darker colors are preferred and to allow the maximum amount of sunlight, lighter shades are preferable.

Another factor to consider while selecting a color is the size of the rooms. For smaller rooms, lighter colors would be appropriate as they would create the illusion of a bigger room. Using darker colors in smaller spaces can make the room look congested.

Finally, while choosing colors, looking at the colors of the furniture or the trinkets around is a good idea. Colors that complement or contrast with existing colors of the room can be a go to for picking out curtains.

home curtain choosing tips

How to pick curtains for your home

b. Fabric

The fabric of the curtains is to be figured out based on its purpose. To maximize the amount of sunlight in a room, curtains with sheer fabric or lace curtains are recommended. Sheer curtains make the home look bright and airy. To minimize the exposure to sunlight, coarse and heavy fabrics like velvets, suedes and tapestries are advisable. Blockout curtains are another fan favorite for people who want to prevent light, dust and noise from entering the house.

c. Prints and solids

While plain curtains with solid colors are a safe option when it comes to selecting curtains, it might make the room look dull. To spice up the look of the room, solids can be paired up with prints, patterns or design of any kind. But if there are already too many prints and patterns in the rest of the house that might conflict with the curtains, going for solids might be the best bet.

Determining the length

The length of curtains varies according to their use and their purpose. While floor length curtains are the trend now, people often opt for curtains that are short or close to the length of the windows. People with pets or small children are better off with shorter length curtains whereas people who want a more or less dramatic look for their home might go for puddle curtains where the length is a few inches longer than the size of the wall and they form a puddle at the bottom of the wall.


Styling the curtains is an entirely personal choice. Depending on the type of décor, decorating curtains can range from adding accessories like laces, chains, tassels to pulling them back with strings or simply adding another layer of fabric on the existing material to create a sense of layered draping. These added layers on top of the curtains are called valances which can add to the aesthetic of a home.

Bottom Line

For a coordinated and harmonious look, keeping these factors in mind is a prerequisite when it comes to choosing the right curtains for your home. To sum it up, while figuring out curtains for home, instead of being impulsive, taking some time to determine the aforementioned factors is a good idea. Focusing on the purpose of each room and the style of décor chosen for the entire home would help to bring forth the right choices when it comes to handpicking the ideal curtains for your home.

Source: United News of Bangladesh