Chocolate, Candy, Wafer Companies, Brands in Bangladesh: An Overview

Around the world, chocolate or candy is one of the most popular treats. That’s because just about every person enjoys the sweet flavour of dark, milk, or white chocolate. Bangladesh has its fair share of chocolate brands that are loved by locals and tourists alike. The demand for chocolate, candy, and wafer in Bangladesh has increased significantly over the last few years. This article will give an overview of the top chocolate and candy brands in Bangladesh.

Dominant Bangladeshi Chocolate Candy, Wafer Companies, Brands


In terms of sales, Pran is currently leading the Bangladeshi candy market. The company has been producing bubble gums, candies, and lollipops since 2000. However, Mr Mango is the most popular brand of Pran. It is a green mango-flavored candy.

Apart from these, they have other lines up too, such as mint-flavored candies and lollipops. Although Pran candies are low priced, targeting the middle class to lower class people, the company had more than Tk 500 crore turnover in 2018.

Nevertheless, it is also reported that Pran is a weak player in the local market, and the company has expanded its candy products internationally.

Perfetti Van Melle

We may not be familiar with the Perfetti Van Melle company, but candy lovers are definitely familiar with its products. You are surely aware of Mentos, Alpenliebe, Center Fruit, Center Fresh, Just Jelly, and Chewing gums. All of these are sub-brands of Perfetti Van Melle. It is an Italy-based company, which is the second most popular candy brand in Bangladesh.

Perfetti Van Melle has ranked third as a sugar confectionery producing company in the world. Although the company relied on imports initially, they set up a factory in Gazipur in 2006. Now, they are competing with Pran-RFL to gain the top position in the Bangladeshi candy market.

Wafer Companies brands Bangladesh



Olympic is the third most popular candy brand in Bangladesh. Apart from biscuit production, the company has entered the candy/chocolate market at a slow pace. Now they produce different flavored candies, including green mango, litchi, ripe mango, tamarind, juicy orange, pineapple, spicy tamarind, caramel, milk, and mint.

However, a single brand of Olympic, ‘Olympic Pulse,’ is one of the most popular brands in Bangladesh. According to the company’s report, they sold more than Tk 100 crore worth of Olympic pulse in 2018. Olympic Pulse is the huge success of the company, and they have been focusing on diversifying in the last few years. Like Pran, the Olympic brand is also competing in foreign markets.


Danish Food Limited from Partex group is another key player in the Bangladeshi chocolate and candy market. In the candy product line, they have 10 different types of candies. The Green Mango Candy, Lichu Candy, Milk Candy, Orange Candy, Pineapple Candy, Rich Milky Caramel Candy, Teutul Candy, 2fun Center full Masala Mango Candy, 2fun Center full Masala Tamarind Candy, and Danish Lollipop are the product line in candies.

Moreover, the company offers four different types of wafers which include, 2Fun Banana Wafer, 2Fun Milk Wafer, 2Fun Strawberry Wafer, and Doreo Wafer.

Elson Foods

We may not be familiar with Elson Foods’ company name, but we are certainly familiar with Love Candy. The popular heart-shaped candies named Love Candy are from Elson Foods. Apart from this, they have different candy brands such as Sweet Heart Candy, Chew Chew Candy, and Chewy Candy.

Elson Foods also has five different wafer brands, which include Three Cheers, Choco Star, Nik Nut, Kitty, and Tiffy. In addition to that, the company also has Bubble gum in their product line, which is marketed as Super Soft Gum.

Although the company was established in 2001, their chocolate line was started in 2005 bought from Italy. Later in 2010, the chocolate production line was doubled with different chocolate bars. By 2015, the company introduced more than 50 types of products, including wafer, chocolate, bubble gum, jelly, cereal bar, drinks, and instant drinks.

Candy Companies brands Bangladesh


Globe Food and Beverage

Who doesn’t hear the famous jingle of Moncere Milk Candy! This candy is from Globe Food and beverage. It was one of the popular candies in Bangladesh. Now the company has two other candies CoffeeKap and Black Horse candy.

Globe uses state of the art technology to produce their candies. Further, the company has a huge capacity for liquid chocolate. In 2012, Globe Food and Beverage started a new plant to produce wafers, crackers, center-filled chewing gum, and other products. This new unit increased its production capacity significantly.


Nabisco is a historic brand in Bangladesh. However, their chocolate and candy business is in a declining phase as they have reduced production. The company became privately owned in 1983. Nabisco produced a wide range of products, and candy or lozenge was their popular vertical. The company produces around 10 different types of candies. Nabisco lozenges are priced low, which makes them perfect for rural consumers.

Haque Group

Haque Group is a legendary company in Bangladesh with various product ranges. However, chocolate, candies, and wafers are one of the top verticals of the company. Nic Nac is one of the top brands of the company. Additionally, they have different wafers brands, such as Crunch Chocolate Coated Wafer, Haque Dairy Milk, Ding Dong, and Mr. Wafer.

International Brands

Bangladesh’s market size for chocolate and candies is around Tk 2000 crore. And around 60% of this market is dominated by foreign chocolate brands. Among all the foreign brands, Kit Kat, Snickers, and Cadbury are the most common and popular brands. Alongside the local brands, these chocolates are available in almost all confectionaries and departmental stores.

Final Words

So far, we have discussed the key players in Chcoclate, Candy, Wafer industry of Bangladesh. We have highlighed both local and international brands. Bangladesh’s chocolate market has a growth rate of 12-15%. However, the local market has failed to dominate the market due to the availability of raw materials. But there are many unknown local candy manufacturers that contribute to the market in rural areas, which has no data at all.

Source: United News of Bangladesh