Chess World Cup begins in Russia

FIDE Men’s and Women’s World Cup 2021 began in Russia’s Sochi Monday.

In the first round of the FIDE World Cup, GM Murshed is playing against Paraguay’s GM Delgado Ramirez Neuris (rating-2622) and GM Ziaur Rahman (rating-2429) is facing Iran’s GM Idani Pouya (rating-2614).

In the first round of the FIDE Women’s World Cup, WIM Sharmin Sultana Shirin (rating-2011) is playing against the US GM Yip Carissa (rating-2430).

In the first round, each player will play two matches, one with the white pieces and one with the black pieces. If the first round produces equal results, the winner of the second round will be determined through rapid and blitz chess.

Two hundred and six players are participating in the FIDE World Cup and 103 players in the FIDE Women’s World Cup.

The Chess World Cup, a knockout tournament, is held every two years.

Source: United News of Bangladesh