Cabinet body okays procurement of 50,000 mts urea from Kafco for export to Nepal

Cabinet Committee on Public Purchase on Wednesday in a meeting approved a proposal of Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC) to procure 50,000 metric tons (mts) of urea fertiliser from local Karnaphuli Fertiliser Company (Kafco) to export it to neighboring Nepal.

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal presided over the cabinet body meeting that approved 3 more proposals of other departments under different ministries.

Kafco is a Bangladesh-Japan joint venture company which produces fertiliser having option for local supply and export to international market. In both cases, the payment is made in foreign currency.

Commenting on the issue, Mustafa Kamal said this will be the first trade with Nepal.

This export to Nepal will play a good role in creating a good image in the external world although Bangladesh has to import fertiliser for to meet its own consumption, he said.

“This is nothing new, Singapore developed its export base by re-exporting the imported goods”, he told reporters.

Briefing on the meeting outcomes, Additional Secretary at the Cabinet Division Saleh Ahmed said the BCIC will procure per metric ton of bulk urea at $275.375 while per metric ton of bagged urea fertiliser cost $262.375. The total cost will be Tk 109.74 crore

He said the fertiliser export to Nepal will be made under repayable loan assistance. “Once they receives the fertiliser, they will pay the cost”.

The cabinet body approved a proposal of the Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (Dhaka Wasa) under the Local Government Division to appoint the Joint Venture of (1) RAMBOLL A/S Danmark, (2) EGIS EAU, France (3) BETS Consulting Services Limited, Bangladesh, (5) Institute of Water Modelling, Bangladesh and (5) Dev Consultants Limited, Bangladesh as consultant for component-2 of the Saedabad Water Treatment Plant Project Phase -3 at a contract value of Tk 102.65 crore.‘

The consultant will design and supervise the contraction works of the plant.

Dhaka Wasa’s another proposal to appoint the same joint venture as consultant for the component-1 and 3 of the same project at Tk 159.45 crore received the approval of the committee.

The committee approved a proposal of the Education Ministry to sign an amended agreement to get an additional supply of 328,817 copies of free textbooks for secondary level (Bangla and English Version) students of Ibtedayee, Dakhil, SSC & Vocational and Technical Trade for 2021-22 academic session.

The amended agreement will cost Tk 66.29 crore.

Source: United News of Bangladesh