CAAB imposes restriction on international flights

Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) has now imposed restriction on foreign flights due to the increasing rate of Covid-19 infection rate in the country.

Flights from eight countries – India, Nepal and South Africa, Botswana, Mongolia, Namibia, Panama and Tunisia under Group- A, would not be able to enter Bangladeshi airports, said a circular Monday.

The restrictions would be effective until further notice.

Bangladeshis who visited the eight countries in the last 15 days could travel to Bangladesh over special permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Bangladeshi engineers of ships who left the Group- A countries within past 15 days of travel to Bangladesh could return showing valid documentary evidence about their profession and signing off.

Arriving to the country, 14-day institutional quarantine at government-nominated hotels at their own expense must be maintained

People from Group-B countries were permitted to travel to and from Bangladesh.

The countries in Group-B are – Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Georgia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Maldives, Oman, UAE, UK and Uruguay.

Vaccinated passengers would have to stay at a 14-day strict home quarantine, upon arrival.

In contrast, passengers not vaccinated must stay at a 14-day institutional quarantine at a government nominated hotel at their own cost.

Passengers from counties other than Group- A and B would have to complete a 14-day home quarantine as well.

Incase of Covid-19 symptoms detection on the arrival, the passenger would be sent to a government hospital and might be sent to isolation at government-nominated hotels, depending on the intensity of it.

Source: United News of Bangladesh