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Businesses on Facebook: Httpool Bangladesh holds capacity building session

Httpool Bangladesh, an Aleph Holding company and the largest global partner of major media platforms, Tuesday conducted a virtual knowledge sharing session for all fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) or consumer packaged goods (CPG) businesses.

The session “Connecting with the new digital shopper” discussed the marketing best practices for FMCG or CPG brands.

Technology has enabled consumers to shift buying behaviours online. So, the Httpool Bangladesh team talked about unlocking best practices, enabling the FMCG marketer to reach out to the shoppers and deliver value across the purchase funnel.

On behalf of Httpool, Shamma Rahman, Facebook client partner and Tithi Chowdhury, Facebook client partner, conducted the session.

The entire session primarily covered insights and best practices the brands can explore to improve their business activities. The main topics covered were key trends impacting CPG, Facebook discovery commerce, best practices for media excellence and the importance of measurement.

“Ever since the onset of the pandemic induced lockdowns, there has been a shift in the way people discover and buy products, especially the daily essentials. With the growth of online sales by 70-80% in Bangladesh, Facebook is offering brands and retailers a great way to connect with their customers for an easy experiential experience. With the webinar, we aimed to present Facebook’s Discovery Commerce and new tools that FMCG or CPG brands could explore to drive their results,” Shamma said.

“Today, mobile and technology have reshaped the linear shopper journey with discovery happening long before shoppers get to the store. By leveraging the right Facebook solutions, CPG advertisers can now connect with high-intent shoppers, capture their attention with personalised and relevant content, and ensure seamless purchase and zero friction for the buyers. Through the session, we were able to shed light on some of these solutions and share the learnings from global and local success stories with the attendees,” Tithi said.

Source: United News of Bangladesh