Bongo: a changed, stronger and better workplace during COVID-19

The ongoing global pandemic of COVID-19 has changed the landscape of the world’s economy and put closures to many businesses while others to struggle, and the country’s one of the pioneer video streaming sites Bongo made the best usage out of the situation through improving their workplace environment, says a press release.

Launched on January 20, 2014 in Dhaka and is currently one of the major video streaming sites of the nation at – Bongo became one of the many examples of being proactive and providing more towards its employees during the catastrophic lockdown period in 2020, in order to spread positivity and sail through tough times.

Through transforming the entire company from manual to digital operations within a brief span, the company implemented a work-from-home policy on March 15 when the virus started affecting lives in Bangladesh.

For ensuring better communication and task management, Bongo made the best use of Google applications and conducted communication and meetings on video-conference applications such as Google Meet and Zoom. The company actively performed surveys, recognition programs, “Workplace Feedback Survey” all targeted to understand and appreciate the employees more.

“One of our most popular projects of 2020 was the Virtual Internship Program. When most businesses were bidding farewell to their permanent employees, Bongo was offering virtual work experience for youths who were spending idle time at home,” the company said in a statement.

To assist the employees and develop their skills at home, the company offered free online training courses. Bongo also dealt with mental health wellness of its employees in two praiseworthy ways – firstly, by paying their employees for ‘relaxing’ as they call it the “stress-busting hour” where Bongo employees get the opportunity to do what they enjoy and get paid for the task. Secondly, it organized ‘bi-monthly Happy Hour’ where the entire Bongo Tribe met online to have a digital ‘chit-chat.’ Tribe Members shared their singing, dancing and instant stand up comedy performances to uplift their co-workers’ mood.

To ensure friendships remain strong amid social distancing, Bongo said that they implemented monthly virtual “Friends at Work” events to encourage digital friendships. Additionally, the company stated that it started quarterly “No Face Podcast’ by CoN”, company-wide quarterly “Virtual Town Hall” and “Ask Me Anything” Quarterly Virtual Session led by its COO, Fayaz Taher during the hard times, to lift up the mood of its employees in order to ensure a better working environment for everyone.

Source: United News of Bangladesh