BNP: Govt indulged in corruption over vaccine procurement

Slamming the government for not making clear its corona vaccine policy to people, BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Saturday alleged that the government has indulged in graft over vaccine collection.

“The government has not given up its habit of corruption and theft…It’s doing it even over corona vaccine,” he said.

Talking to reporters at his residence here, the BNP leader said the Health Directorate has been in graft since the beginning of the corona infection.

“The owner of Regent Hospital is currently being punished for corruption regarding corona testing. But the secretary who made the agreement with the Regent was not made accountable,” he observed.

He said accountability of the government cannot be ensured when no one can ask any question about the corruption in parliament.

Fakhrul said when governments all over the world are discussing how and among whom they will distribute corona vaccine, the “regime” in Bangladesh has so far not been able to clearly say anything about it.

About their party’s participation in the recent election, the BNP leader said they are joining the polls despite the adversities to reach people and talk to them.

“We’re also going to polls for the continuation of a democratic trend and forcing the government together with people to give a neutral election,” he observed.

About Awami League’s plan to celebrate December 30 as a “Victory Day for Democracy’ marking the second anniversary of the 11th parliamentary polls day, Fakhrul said their party is going to observe the day as a day of ‘killing democracy’.

“It’s not just us, people all over Bangladesh know it very well that the national election that was supposed to be held on December 30, 2018 but it took place on the night of December 29. Awami League indulged in vote robbery using the entire state machinery that day,” he alleged.

The BNP leader also said Awami League has established a one-party system of governance by depriving people of their voting rights through the 11th parliamentary election.

Source: United News of Bangladesh