BL’s All New CBR 150R hits streets

Bangladesh Honda Private Limited (BHL) on Tuesday launched the All New CBR 150R high-performance full fairing sports motorcycle with a racing character that has a lot of new attractions for Bangladeshi customers.

The world’s largest bike manufacturer company unveiled the All New CBR 150R through a simple programme with global model changes to exceed the customer’s needs, said a press release.

“CBR has historical legacy worldwide for its outstanding sporty and racing sensational performance. CBR comes 1000RR, 600RR, 500RR, 300RR, 250RR and from same DNA Honda R & D developed CBR 150R to give racing riding pleasure to the customers, said Mutsuo Usui, Managing Director & CEO, Bangladesh Honda Private Limited.

SBHL’s senior Vice President Naresh Kumar Rattan said CBR 150R customers expect latest technology, superior features & enhanced style. To meet customer’s need, R&D developed the all new CBR 150R as the “Agile Partner” with Total Control of driving pleasure in every situation.

He also announced that the All New CBR 150R is marketed in ABS type gets Tricolor can be availed from 8th June 2021 at any Honda Exclusive Authorized Dealer showroom nationwide at an attractive price of BDT. 538,000.

Naresh said the best performance and handling emphasize the strength of a true sports motorcycle, have more advanced features, and come with a big bike-style design that creates an aggressive impression at the first sight

“The concept of “Total Control” which is the basis for the development of every part of this full fairing sports motorcycle boils down to one goal, which is to provide complete control that is fun as the rider desires,” he added.

The All New CBR 150R is the answer to the growing needs of sports motorcycle lovers who like an aggressive, sophisticated, up-to-date, lightweight, agile, comfort and sporty design for everyday use in urban areas. The agility of this latest model is also supported by the embedding of the latest assist/slipper clutch and inverted front suspension features.

The design package of The All New CBR 150R maintains an aggressive body with lots of sharp angles. Some parts are getting more muscular, but still light. The feel of the big bike is very thick, thanks to various changes on almost all sides, especially obtained from the aggressive design LED lights that adopt the CBR 250RR DNA.

The new model BHL bike is a full fairing sports motorcycle with the best riding position in its class. The latest changes have led to an increasingly aggressive forward-leaning style, presenting the imagination of a racer who is ready to make a start.

The “racy” riding style is supported by the inverted front suspension. This component can increase daily riding stability, especially when riding at high speeds. In addition, the new suspension makes handling even more agile, confirming this model as a full fairing sports motorcycle with the best control that fits the needs of urbanites.

Source: United News of Bangladesh