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Bhatara’s sorrow: Living a year amid stagnant sewage and garbage

For almost a year the Masjid road in Nurerchala area of Bhatara in the city has remained under filthy and stinky water causing untold sufferings to the residents living along the road.

The stench from the stagnant water, a mixture of sewage and human waste, has made the living unbearable as many residents, including children are forced to wade through the submerged road for lack of rickshaws and other transports which avoid the area. Unexpected accidents often occur as the road under water is full of potholes.

Sewage contaminates the stagnant water because of the poor drainage system resulting in greater health risk for the residents. Skin diseases caused by contaminated water area common among the inhabitants. Mosquito menace them too.

This waterlogging has forced many shops and businesses in this area to be closed. However, locals said the city authorities have no concern regarding their miserable living.

A UNB photojournalist captured in his frames a part of the everyday miseries endured by the locals in the area.

Source: United News of Bangladesh