Bhashan Char: ‘No place for the curious to flock to the island’

People will not be allowed to flock to Bhashan Char for aimless wandering.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said this to the media on Wednesday, following a meeting at the ministry.

“We are observing that people are now visiting the 30-year-old island without any purpose,” he said.

However, the minister also said the decision to build barbed-wire fences around the Rohingya camps had been taken earlier and Bangladesh Army would implement it.

“Not only barbed-wire fences, but there will also be walkways, with CCTV cameras installed on them, around the camps. This measures will be taken for tightening the security.”

“We have decided to complete this work soon. Night patrols will also be stepped up. Two units of the police have been formed to ensure the security of the Rohingyas,” Kamal said.

“We regularly see that some people from the Rohingya camps go to Myanmar to smuggle yaba pills into Bangladesh. There is intel that many crimes including murders are taking place over the profit-sharing of such illegal trade.”

“Some new gangs have been formed. So law enforcers will increase the security measures to keep things under control,” the minister said.

Numerous challenges associated with the temporary hosting of persecuted Rohingyas from Myanmar has compelled the government of Bangladesh to plan the relocation of 100,000 Rohingyas to Bhashan Char.

And 1,642 Rohingyas were relocated to Bhashan Char on December 4. The second batch, comprising 1,804 Rohingyas, was transferred from Cox’s Bazar to Bhashan Char on December 29.

Initially, the authority arranged for the relocation of a lesser number of Rohingyas. However, due to increased interest and enthusiasm, eventually, more Rohingyas volunteered and participated in the relocation process willingly.

The government has also ensured sufficient safety measures for the Rohingyas in Bhashan Char. The island is under 24-hour CCTV coverage.

Deployment of law enforcement agencies, female police personnel, hospitals and community clinics fully manned with trained health professionals including female ones have ensured the security of the inhabitants of the island.

Source: United News of Bangladesh