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Best War Movies of 2021: Military Action Films Portraying Battlefields Worldwide

Historical wars have given birth to new doctrines; established the rights of the deprived ones along with repeated stigmas on the face of the earth. Billions of life stories are hidden behind every dangerous operation of infantries or frontiers. Those stories become legends in the best war movies through the ages. Today’s feature will cover some of the best military action films and war dramas released in 2021.

Top 10 War Films and Military Action Movies Worldwide in 2021

Escape from Mogadishu | South Korea

IMDb: 7.1 & RottenTomatoes: 93% | Release: July 28, 2021

Mogadishu is a city ravaged by civil war. In such a dire situation, some officials of the North and South Korean embassies are trying their best to save their lives. The story of the film is based on a true story by Lee Gi-Cheol and Rio Seung-wan, the director of the film. The film stars Hue Jun-Ho, Kim Yoon-Seok, Joe In-Sung, and Kim Soo-Jin. The movie is currently number one at the Korean box office. The movie won the Blue Dragon Film Award in 6 categories including Best Movie.

The Auschwitz Report | Slovakia

IMDb: 6.5 & RottenTomatoes: 100% | Release: January 28, 2021

Auschwitz is a concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Poland. Freddie and Valer, two Jews, explored every opportunity to draw a blueprint to escape the camp. Joseph Pasteka, Thomas Bombeck, and Peter Bebzac, the director of the film, have written the screenplay with such a tense story.

Here, Freddy and Valer depict the true story of two Jews named Rudolf Verba and Alfred Wetzler. The film mainly stars Noel Kuzar and Peter Ondrejica. The movie was nominated for the ACK Award at the Czech Society of Cinematographers 2021 for Best Feature Film.

Quo Vadis, Aida | Bosnia

IMDb: 8 & RottenTomatoes: 100% | Release: March 15, 2021

Quo Vadis, Aida or Aida, where are you going? Aida is a UN translator in the movie titled. On the eve of the indiscriminate genocide in Srebrenica, he and his family sought refuge in a UN camp.

Jasna Durisik has played the title role in this film made by Jasmila Javanik. After its initial release across Venice in 2020, the movie was nominated for an Oscar for Best International Feature Film. The movie also won the European Film Award for Best Film at the end of 2021.

Munich: The Edge of War | Germany, British

IMDb: 6.9 & RottenTomatoes: 86% | Release: October 13, 2021

At the height of World War II, two old friends met in Munich. One is a British diplomat, the other a Nazi supporter. This meeting was not in the vicinity of a friendly argumentative chat like in the days of the university.

Ben Power wrote the screenplay for the movie, based on the 2017 novel ‘Munich’ by British author Robert Harris. The movie is directed by Christian Schwochow.

The film stars George McKay and Janice Neohner in the lead roles. Their performances were widely acclaimed after the movie was unveiled at the BFI London Film Festival.

Shershaah | India

IMDb: 8.7 & RottenTomatoes: 54% | Release: August 12, 2021

This is director Vishnuvardhan’s first Hindi film, featuring the biography of Param Vir Chakra Award-winning Captain Vikram Batra. Vikram Batra led the most dangerous mountain-centric war expedition in the history of India during the Kargil War.

The screenplay of the film was by Sandeep Srivastava. The film stars Siddharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani. Malhotra’s performance and action sequences are appreciated in all quarters.

Its broadcaster Amazon has declared the movie to be the most-watched movie in India so far.

The Battle at Lake Changjin | China

IMDb: 5.2 & RottenTomatoes: 25% | Release: September 21, 2021

The setting is Lake Changjin during the Korean War. Volunteer troops from the People’s Republic of China forced US troops to retreat. Chen Kaige, Dante Lam, and Sui Hark created the film with the portrayal of this suffocating battle. The screenplay by Lan Xiaolong and Huang Jianxin was commissioned by the Chinese Communist Party. Wu Jing and Jackson Yee star in this Mandarin-language movie.

It is simultaneously the most expensive and highest-grossing movie in the Chinese film industry.

Benediction | United Kingdom(UK), US(United States)

IMDb: 6.7 & RottenTomatoes: 92% | Release: September 12, 2021

The film’s director and screenwriter, Terrence Davis, tells the story of Siegfried Sassoon, who was originally a World War I poet. In addition to participating in the war, he highlighted the horrors of war in his writings. Siegfried Sassoon of two different ages is portrayed here by Jack Lowden and Peter Capaldi.

The movie won the ICS Award at the International Cinephile Society Awards for Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Cinematography.

The Red Ghost | Russia

IMDb: 6.3 | Release: June 10, 2021

The horrible incident in Russia’s Vyazma is one of the terrific events among the legends that have been circulating around World War II. There the Soviets had to face the strangest enemy they had ever imagined. The story of the movie is written by Bacheslav Shikhaliyev, Pavel Abramenkov, and Andrei Bogatirev, the director of the movie. The film stars Alexei Shevchenkov, Vladimir Gostukhin, Yura Borisov, and Polina Chernyshova in different roles.

The movie has already been nominated for a Jury Award at the 2021 Colorist Awards for the best color in the feature film.

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The Forgotten Battle | Netherlands

IMDb: 7.1 & RottenTomatoes: 100% | Release: June 5, 2021

A boy and girl from the same country, the Netherlands, took sides during World War II in favor of two completely opposite powers. The film, based on the Battle of the Shield, was scripted by Paula van der Oost and directed by Matthias van Heiseningen Jr. The film stars Gijs Blom, Jamie Flatters, and Susan Radar in the lead roles.

The movie won the Golden Film in various categories at the Platinum Film, Netherlands 2021.

Onoda: 10,000 Nights in the Jungle | France

IMDb: 7.4 & RottenTomatoes: 100% | Release: July 7, 2021

Directed by Arthur Harari, the film tells the story of the legendary Hiroo Onoda, who fought for almost 29 years even after the end of World War II.

Vincent Poemiro co-directed the movie with director Harari. The film stars Tetsuya Chiba in the title role.

The film won Prix Louis-Deluk as the best movie of 2021. It was also nominated for the Uncertified Regard section in the Cannes Film Festival.


These top war movies of 2021 preach invaluable lessons besides posing a source of pure entertainment. These dramas try to portray that revolution can be an effective way to win the rights of the people oppressed for a long time, but war causes indispensable loss to humanity. Peace is the only thing that can lead humanity towards a better future.

Source: United News of Bangladesh