Best Walton Room Heater Price in Bangladesh

Cold waves have already affected different districts of Bangladesh. During this season many people are suffering from colds and flues. People get more vulnerable to the life-threatening COVID19 disease in the winter season. We have to keep the home and living places warm on the cold days. By virtue of modern technology, we can use a room heater to increase the temperature of the room or any closed space. Room Heaters are also called ‘space heater’. Read this article to know Walton Room Heater Price in Bangladesh with a buyer Guide.

Walton Room Heater Price in Bangladesh

Our local brand Walton has gained a worldwide reputation for producing standard quality home electronics products. Let’s talk about the best Walton Room Heaters under different price ranges.

Walton WRH-PTC302W

If you are looking for the best wall-mounted room heater, don’t miss Walton WRH-PTC302W. Built with a PTC heating element this gadget is equipped with a dual power setting mechanism (1000W and 2000W). You can select the ‘Timer setting’, ranging from a few minutes to a whole day. This space heater can function for 24-hours constantly in a single day. You can set the temperature from 10 to 49 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, its top-notch temperature sensing mode saves energy.

Interestingly, this space heater has a Fan mode for delivering cool air. Weighing 2.46kg, this Walton Space Heater is easy to carry. Its smart wall-mounted design (54cm by 19cm by 13.8cm) looks elegant and saves floor space. Featuring 159m³/h of Hot Airflow Rate, this room heater provides hot air coverage for about 20 to 25 square meters of space. It functions with a 220 to 240V AC power outlet. Its rated frequency is about 50 Hz.

Its smart technology allows you to choose the level of temperature, like fan, warm or hot. In this gadget, you would enjoy a bunch of modern features including remote control, LED display, oscillation mode, etc. What is more? This top Walton room heater is blessed with safety features like Child Lock function, Overheat protection, etc. This room heater costs about BDT 5100.

Walton WRH-PTC204T

Walton’s latest WRH-PTC204T model can be the perfect choice for those people who want to buy the best standing Room heater. This 2000W power rated space heater weighs only 2.66kg, which is quite portable. Its slick design (190 by 190 by 575 mm) would occupy a small space of your room. Like the WRH-PTC302W model, it has a two-step (1000W and 2000W) power setting mode. You can choose between two heater selection modes: high and low.

Furthermore, this space heater features diverse oscillating functions that spread heat on every corner of the room. This model is made up of the PTC ceramic heating element. Its temperature setting mechanism functions through an adjustable thermostat. This Walton Space Heater disseminates the heat efficiently through a smart Blower. The constant function of the heater and blower keeps the space hot in an efficient way.

The smart dust filtering mechanism keeps this gadget function. Its four-step overheat protection technology assures safety to your home. The switches are protected by safety tips. This room heater releases hot air at the rate of 65m³ per hour. It works with a 220 to 240V AC power line. It has a 50Hz rated frequency. This Walton room heater costs about BDT 3600.

Walton WRH-PTC006

Walton’s latest space heater model WRH-PTC006 model could be a great pick under an affordable price range. This room heater offers dual options for setting the heat: 750W and 1500W. It is built with a PTC heating element. You can choose among several modes: Fan Warm and Hot. In hot weather situations, you can enjoy the cool air. Here you would also find oscillating function.

This Walton Room Heater sports safety features, such as, overheat protection, anti-tilt protection, etc. Its gorgeous cylinder-shaped design prevents flipping. You get two color options: Black and white. This 1500W rated Walton Space heater requires a 220 to 240-Voltage AC power outlet. Its frequency level is about 50Hz. This room heater costs BDT 2500 only.

Walton WRH-PTC007

Are you searching for a highly affordable Room Heater for a small space? If yes, go for the Walton room heater WRH-PTC007 model. Though available for a budget price, this space heater is built with PTC heating wire. This 1000W rated mini room heater is programmed with an overheat protection feature. Its switches bear safety tip protection. Thanks to Walton for providing this model with a wonderful Oval shaped design.

This mini space heater offers two options for heat setting; those are 500W and 1000W. It also offers 3 adjustment options that make this gadget more user-friendly. Just plug-in this 50Hz space heater to a 220 to 240V power outlet. Portable size and compact design make this room heater compatible for a small room. It can be a great space heating solution for students and bachelors. You can get this best mini room heater for BDT 1490 only.

Comparison of Walton Room Heater Prices in Bangladesh

Product Name

Product Image

Heating Options

Price (BDT)

Walton WRH-PTC302W



Walton WRH-PTC204T



Walton WRH-PTC006



Walton WRH-PTC007



How to Buy a Room Heater?

Heater Type

Before choosing a room heater, you have to consider several factors, such as, how many power setting options are provided in that space heater. The availability of diverse heating functions is another significant feature to look for. If you want to set the heating options for several hours, pick a Room Heater offering ‘Timer’ setting options.

Room Heaters vary depending on the design. If you want to save floor space, choose a wall-mounted Room Heater. Besides this, standing Room heaters are available in diverse sizes and shapes. Depending on heating technologies, Room Heaters can be divided into several categories: radiant, fan-forced, micathermic, and convection.

Heating Capacity

How much space area the heater can cover is another significant factor to consider. Don’t forget to check out the wattage rating of your chosen heater. A room heater applies about 10W of heating energy to heat per square foot of space, in general. Therefore, a 2000W rated heater is supposed to cover a room up to 200 square feet. However, some models can cover more space depending on specific heating technology. Try to get an energy-efficient room heater to save energy and reduce your electricity bill.

Safety Features

Without proper monitoring, a room heater may initiate fire hazards. The advanced room heaters offer an Overheating Protection mechanism that minimizes the risk of burning. Safety-tip-protected switches can save you from getting a sudden shock during voltage anomalies. The Child Lock function is very helpful when you have kids at home.

Noise Level

Noise can hamper your sleep and harm your health. Generally, the small electrical appliances emit noises during the action. So, try to pick a room heater that creates little or no sound while heating.

Source: United News of Bangladesh