Best Screen Brightness Control Apps, Software to Relax Your Eyes

Laptop or desktop displays are our constant companions for most of the day. People usually sit for hours on end with their eyes riveted to their displays. Regardless of how efficient, feature-rich, or speedy the display is, if the screen illumination is too low or bright you will eventually suffer from poor vision, a severe headache, and a variety of other ailments. Not to mention due to inappropriate screen brightness your production and efficiency will suffer. That is exactly why you want a screen brightness controller app.

Top 10 Free Apps and Software for Controlling Brightness of Monitor in 2022


The key to preventing eye strain is to avoid using a digital screen that emits blue light. Unless you buy a real screen or spectacles, an app like f.lux will colour your screen for you.

What’s nice about f.lux is how little configuration is required. Simply choose Recommended Colors and provide your zip code; it will take care of the rest. It determines the time of day and brightness based on your location in order to modify the settings for you.

As the sun sets and your bedtime approaches, the app will gradually darken your screen. However, fear not; you can still see – it’s only a yellowish-orange tinge. You may choose your wake-up time, and it will shade the screen accordingly to avoid damaging your brain with blue light.


All android smartphone users most probably download Twilight. This is receiving rave reviews and is comparable to f.lux. Its design also contributes to the efficiency of your circadian cycle and sleep quality.

It looks up dawn and sunset timings based on your location to decide when to tint your screen. Additionally, you may deactivate it while using applications like Netflix or YouTube that need enough illumination to function properly.

It has adjustable settings for colour temperature, brightness, and screen dimming. Then you may choose when you want the filter to activate – days, times, or custom. Additionally, you may build schedule profiles that automatically switch on at the time you choose, such as for bedtime reading or work late.

Additionally, you may pause or stop it.


Knowing how the duration of time people spend on their gadgets might sometimes help them adjust your behaviours and lessen eye strain. Aware is a program that monitors how much time you spend actively using your computer.

Unlike comparable programs, it is not obtrusive and does not automatically log you out after a certain period of time (or time limit). Additionally, it does not have an obnoxious alert that may terrify or disrupt people. It only logs the amount of time you spend on your gadget. You may check it manually to see whether you’ve exceeded the limit you’ve specified. It is softly tucked away in the menu bar.

Perhaps it will push you to exit and spend 30 minutes or so in the real world. If this seems interesting, you may download it to your Mac computer.

Time Out Free

This OS X application is meant to alert you when it’s time to step away from the computer screen and to darken the screen as well. This software allows you to set longer breaks in standard mode or shorter breaks in micro mode. Additionally, this program enables you to alter the screen’s transparency and hue to make work easier on your eyes.


This Windows application allows you to manage the brightness of numerous displays. This program is beneficial for a number of commercial and personal settings where you will be working from a multiple monitor configuration for a prolonged length of time.


If someone uses a Linux system and works on his computer for lengthy periods of time, he will adore the Calise program. It will alter the brightness of your screen depending on the ambient light in the room. Your computer’s camera detects the amount of light around the display and automatically adjusts the screen. As your surroundings change, the app automatically adjusts the intensity of light.

Protect Your Vision

This web app is a Chrome or Firefox extension that acts as a break reminder that reminds people to take a break from the computer screen at certain times. Pre-programmed time periods are included in the app. You may choose to work for twenty minutes and then rest for twenty seconds while focused on items twenty feet away.

Protect Eye

This is a web application that will remind you to take a little break at certain times. It makes two recommendations: take a 20-second break after every 20 minutes of work by gazing at an item 20 feet away, or take a 5-minute rest after every 60 minutes. If none of these options is suitable for you, you may construct your own unique break.


EyeLeo resides in your System Tray and is accompanied by a mascot that will alert you to any upcoming breaks you should take. The finest feature of this software is the eye exercises it includes to help you relax and unwind during your break.

Additionally, there is a Strict mode, which prevents you from skipping breaks; this is a beneficial tool for workaholics.


After installation, Shades will appear in macOS’s system preferences. When engaged, a slider appears on your desktop, and the software tints your display with a colorful tint. Black is the default color. If you like to modify the color, a color palette is available.

Bottom Line

With the proliferation of electronic devices, visual difficulties and eye strain have become serious concerns for the vast majority of users. Whether you use a phone or a multi-monitor arrangement, there are tools, apps, or software that may assist you in making your device safer to use.

So far, we have mentioned some top-rated monitor brightness controller apps, and software programs. These tools are very beneficial for the eye health of those who spend a lot of time on electronic devices. Utilize these convenient instruments to safeguard your eyesight and prevent unneeded degradation over time.

Source: United News of Bangladesh