Best Ride Sharing Apps in Bangladesh

Do you want to avoid the everyday struggle of managing transport to attain office, workplace, or college? The painstaking efforts of riding an overloaded bus or convincing an arrogant CNG driver can ruin your mood at the beginning of the day. Besides the common risks like accidents, harassment, and pick-pocketing, public transports are risky places for coronavirus contamination. In this situation, on-demand ride-sharing apps can serve as a windfall for the mass people who can hardly afford personal transports. Today we are going to discuss the best ride-sharing apps in Bangladesh. Stay with us!

Top Ride-Hailing Apps in Bangladesh


The international ride-sharing app Uber initiated its ride-hailing operation in Bangladesh in the year 2017. Currently, Uber ride-sharing service is available in two major cities of the country; those are Dhaka and Chittagong. The registration process of Uber is hassle-free. First, download the Uber app from Google Play and sign up by entering your name, contact number, and email id.

After completion of the registration process, log in to your account through mobile verification code and password. To take a ride through Uber, you need to input both the pickup point and destination location. Then the system will show you the estimated fare for the trip. After confirmation, you would get a call from the nearest ride. Knowing your exact location, the ride will pick you up from the ‘pickup’ point and drop you to the ‘destination’ point.

While placing the request for ‘ride-sharing’ through the Uber app, you can choose a suitable vehicle like a car, microbus, motorbike, or scooter. What is more? The Uber promo codes offer lucrative discounts on the rides.


The Bangladeshi digital platform ‘Pathao’ appeared as the first government enlisted the ride-sharing company of the country in May 2015. Headquartered at Dhaka in Bangladesh, this trend-setter start-up company was founded by three visionary youths; they are Fahim Saleh, Shifat Adnan, and Hussain Elius.

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Pathao is a local Bengali word that means “send”. Currently, this company is offering its ride-sharing service in three major cities of Bangladesh including Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet. Currently, Pathao owns above 20 lacs of registered vehicles around the country. Besides the ride-sharing services, Pathao operates courier service, food delivery, E-commerce services, etc.

Using the Pathao app, the passengers can hire a motorcycle or car. To avail of this on-demand ride-sharing service, both the passenger and the ‘Pathao’ driver need to carry an iOS/Android Smartphone with GPS technology and an internet connection. The Pathao platform operates through the GPS location tracking system to connect the passenger with the nearest ‘Pathao’ driver who is heading towards or willing to travel the same destination.

You can easily download the Pathao app from the Google play store. Then, you put your pick-up and destination location, checkout the estimated fare, confirm the ride and finally receive the rider’s call to get the pick-and-drop ride.


MUV started its ride-sharing service in Dhaka city in the year of 2016. This on-demand ride-sharing service aims to contribute to resolving the transportation crisis in the capital city of Bangladesh. Downloading and installing the MUV app from the Google Play Store, the passengers can send requests to their nearest roaming MUV bikers by pointing out their respective pickup and destination points.

This mobile-software based motorbike hailing service has started its operation in Bangladesh under the concern of ZP Technologies limited – a tech company who develop on-demand software for upgrading peoples’ lifestyle. MUV also provides on-demand food delivery and courier service.

MUV offers the lowest possible ride fares within Dhaka city. MUV Ride Charges is counted by BDT 49 for the first distance, from the next km the fare drops down to BDT 12. The MUV system charges only BDT 0.49 per minute. The base fare would be added to the distance cost. Furthermore, passengers can enjoy exciting discounts by applying coupons.


SAM (Share-a-motorcycle) is another well-known online motorbike ride-hailing platform from Bangladesh. The passengers can avail of this service through the SAM mobile app. This innovative app has been developed in the USA and then customized in Bangladesh and India. Through this application, you can find a biker who is heading towards your destination.

This on-demand e-hailing service has been exclusively designed for different cities in Bangladesh. The popularity of SAM is continuously increasing as an affordable mode of transportation within and around the cities. What is more? In 2020, SAM has launched the country’s first female-only ride-sharing service called ‘Pink SAM’ which is a benevolent initiative for offering safe riding service for female passengers.

You can easily download and install the SAM app from the Google Play Store. Then, choosing your pick- and-drop points, send a request for the ride. The system will notify the nearest rider to communicate with you. Furthermore, the ‘SAM Pro’ option allows you to get your preferred kind of motorbike.

You can pay the fare through the SAM e-wallet cashless payment system. During the ongoing situation, this futurist initiative can get you rid of the risk of virus contamination that may occur while exchanging paper money.

Shohoz Ride

Starting the journey in 2014, Shohoz is working to simplify the online ticketing services for long-distance trips through public transports and freight vehicles such as Bus, Truck, and Launch. Every year, people experience indescribable hassle for managing tickets, especially before the religious ceremonies. This creative service got massive popularity among the mass people of Bangladesh for saving both time and energy. Recently, Shohoz has launched a ride-sharing app to extend its service to more commuters.

Like other motorbike hailing services, the Shohoz ride app facilitates the passengers to take bike-rides to reach their respective destination locations. If you want to go somewhere through a ride-sharing service, simply download and install the ‘Shohoz’ app to your Smartphone. Then you need to point out the pickup and destination location to ask for a ride. Reaching the destination, you can either pay through cash or bKash wallet. The Shohoz app bestows amazing discounts to the passengers after each ride.

Other Best Ride-Sharing Apps in Bangladesh

So far we have highlighted the most popular companies that are offering on-demand ride-sharing services in Bangladesh. Besides these platforms, there are some other ride-hailing services such as Taxiwala, Goti, Chalo, Obhai, Amarbike, Jabo, Garivara, Asojai, Jatri, Pearlcab, Pickme, etc.

The female passengers can take safe trips through the female-only ride-sharing apps, like PINK SAM, OBON, and Lily. These start-ups are also providing good services to the citizens of the country. These apps allow you to take trips through diverse types of vehicles including car, motorbike, CNG, microbus, etc. What is more? If you own a car or motorbike, you can earn through these ride-sharing platforms.

Source: United News of Bangladesh