Best Free Plagiarism Detection Software, Tools

Plagiarism checker tools and software are very beneficial in many facets of life. On one hand, they teach professionals to appreciate other people’s work and refrain from plagiarizing it. From another standpoint, these programs assist in safeguarding the copyright and securing internal papers of a company. Here we have compiled a list of plagiarism detecting programs that are completely free and are going to help you.

Top Plagiarism Detection Software You Can Use Free of Cost


You may use Grammarly for free to check for grammatical issues in your paper, Docx Word file, or web page, but you must upgrade to check for plagiarism.

The user can copy and text into Grammarly from a text file. It can detect deliberate plagiarism and an incorrectly quoted quotation by doing a deep search throughout the web. The companies, organizations, teachers, or editors can use this checker on a regular basis to assess papers provided by freelance writers and to locate missing citations.

Grammarly is a preferred plagiarism checker by many professionals since it finds instances of plagiarism in the writing and on this site. These sorts of insights aid in self-editing and assure that the users can generate unique content, which is beneficial for SERP ranking.

Grammarly’s premium plan offers a more precise plagiarism detector. Monthly Subscription fee is $30 (BDT 2578). Subscription is $60 USD (BDT 5156) per three months. And, the annual Subscription charge stands at $144 (BDT 12374) per year. Conversion rate BDT 85.93 to 1 USD.


This software is compatible with Microsoft Windows, BlackBerry, Android, Moodle, and the Web. It identifies instances of plagiarism in essays, research papers, coursework, and dissertations. It facilitates access to rank a content organically in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Users can check research papers and articles from Scholar, and Books. The users can verify a text using a URL, an online service, or a file upload. This tool is multilingual in nature, supporting over 190 languages.

The users can simply copy and paste the text or write it in the relevant section, enter a URL, or upload a file from the computer. HTML, TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, XLSX, XLS, PDF, EPUB, ODT, FB2, and PDB are all supported file formats. However, there are daily restrictions on the number of plagiarism checks.


This flexible application is an excellent alternative for authors on a budget who wish to verify their work for plagiarism swiftly and simply. This copyright checker may be used to examine writings while the users are working in popular tools such as Scrivener. Alternatively, the users can also post an article, essay, or document in this platform to check plagiarism.

The users can utilize the plagiarism checker to scan book chapters for missing quotation citations when writing a book, article or research paper. The reports’ accuracy will certainly amaze you. The users must purchase credits in order to conduct a plagiarism report on a piece of work.

The paid version is available at $79 (BDT 6789) per year. Conversion rate: BDT 85.93 equals 1 USD.


Users may easily examine a document by uploading it from their computer, the cloud, or by copying and pasting it. The formatting will be retained in its original state. Nobody will have access to the content.

PlagScan can verify the authenticity of a paper against billions of internet sources and over 20.000 scientific publications. Text as well as citations that have been potentially plagiarized, are indicated directly in the text. The sources are prominently highlighted and easily accessible.

The PlagScan tool has no free version. But it is quite affordable at $5.99 (BDT 515) per feature for every month. 1 USD equals BDT 85.93.


This plagiarism checker is the greatest online program for detecting commercial or academic plagiarism. It locates copies of any writing throughout the internet using cloud computing. The advanced search engine crawls the internet and databases for more than 60 trillion documents. Copyleaks supports a wide variety of file types and languages.

This software’s paid version offers different packages for academica and businesses. The price per month ranges from $8.33 (BDT 716) to $10.99 (BDT 945). Conversion rate: BDT 85.93 to 1 USD.


Duplichecker is a well-known free utility. This program is excellent since it contains additional content-related automation, such as spelling and grammar checking. It is simple to use. Simply upload your material or copy & paste it into the provided text box.

There is no need to provide an email address or establish an account to get the results of the check. Although this is not a significant restriction, there is a 1000-word limit for each search. A simple, easy-to-use, and completely free plagiarism analyzer that really works.

The paid version has diverse categories. The price ranges from $10 (BDT 860) to $250 (BDT 21484). Conversion rate of 1 USD is BDT 85.93.


The Quetext team’s objective is to provide authors with a feeling of security in their work. Quetext’s developers are technology enthusiasts who are enthusiastic about pushing the boundaries of technology in novel and inventive ways. Therefore, when you utilize Quetext, you can be confident that your work will never wind up in the hands of a third party.

Quetext is a completely free service. There is no need for account registration or downloads. Simply copy and paste the content into the appropriate place.

Plagiarism Checker

This website, which contains this checker, is significantly out of date. However, it is straightforward to utilize directly from the webpage. You may also copy and paste your material and then click search. The search engine itself redirects to Google and employs search operators to identify duplicate material solely in Google’s index. Therefore it is not very accurate. If that is your favorite search engine, you may configure it to use Yahoo as the search engine.


This plagiarism detection tool works in conjunction with a content checker, so be sure to click the option to include plagiarism detection during the web page review.

This one requires a few more clicks than Duplichecker, but the plagiarism detection is really accurate, so it’s worth the wait.

Additionally, the search returns results for spelling errors, grammar, the grade level of your material, word choice recommendations, and a few other tabs.

Bottom Line

The top plagiarism checkers provide almost exact results in a short period of time. These tools would disclose the duplicated material to you. Grammarly is one of the most effective plagiarism detection software available. These software or tools can also determine if someone has cloned other archives without properly crediting them. Additionally, the tools listed above are extremely easy to utilize. On the whole, if you want to eliminate plagiarism and enhance the quality of your material you should use a plagiarism tool or software.

Source: United News of Bangladesh