Best Free Archery Games for Android, iOS

From fantasy to the Olympics, archery has held its own throughout various time periods and has managed to stay relevant. While previously a staple in feudal era military, the craft has transformed into one of the world’s most recognised sports. Here are the most popular archery games on Android and IOS that will bring out the marksman in you.

Top Free Bow and Arrow Games for iOS/ Android Downloads

Archery Big Match

Starting off this list is a hybrid of Olympics and fantasy, found in Archery Big Match. While the premise of the game involves standing at a range and firing off at targets from various distances, the overall theme appears to be based on medieval times.

The targets will vary, as some tend to move, but the mechanics of calculating wind distance and tracking your cursor, make for a simple, yet entertaining game. While no target practice game can happen without scoring, the game’s online platform pits players against each other via a scoreboard system – perfect if you’d like to test your skills against the best. This game is free to play.

Archery Club: PVP Multiplayer

Archery Club is almost limitless with how much you can do with just trick shots. The maps are radically different from each other and targets range from ordinary circular boards to sections of animal cutouts.

The customizability of bows will ensure that you find the right tool that fits your playstyle. Joining clubs online is possible if you are in search of communities of like-minded players. Overall, a versatile title and one that is perfect for players who are looking to fully immerse themselves in the genre. This game is free to play.

Archery Elite

If you fancy raw efficiency over technique, Archery Elite puts the spotlight on compound bows and tons of game modes to make use of this archetype. From going on actual hunts to target practice, the game takes pride in its stellar graphics, immersive landscape, and rewards that come with good scores.

There are tons of offline modes to choose from if you are more of a private player, however, competing online is still on the tables. There are over a hundred levels in this game and will have you hooked for hours. This game is free to play.

Archery Master 3D

At this point, target practices are a must for any archery game to thrive and Archery Master 3D holds true to its namesake. Being a master at its craft, the series has almost a million reviews and is a title that serves as a benchmark for other game developers in archery mobile to follow.

The controls are extremely intuitive and perfect for newcomers and require nothing more than a couple of taps at the right time. There are many levels and customisation options available – certainly, one of the best names to look at if you’re keen to give the genre as a whole a try. This game is free to play.

The Archers 2

Now, we move on from the target boards to actual opponents. Unlike the staple point and click culture of archery games, this title pits players against each other on a 2D platform. It’s survival of the fittest, as players must choose their favorite stickman warrior to defend themselves against other archers, orcs, and other monsters.

While the design is relatively simple, it is truly an intuitive product that is satisfyingly complete and allows players to truly express themselves and how they want to go about honing their skills. This game is free to play.

Ninja Creed

If you’ve ever been a fan of Assassin’s Creed, this title will appease your need for stealth just as well. Ninja Creed is a first-person take on stealth-based campaigns that requires you, the protagonist, to defeat enemies with nothing but your bow.

This weapon is used for combat and can be fired directly at the enemy or items in your environment that could turn the tide of your battle. Much like actual combat, enemies can block your shots, which does up the stakes of every shot, but it is a thrilling title nonetheless and perfect for more invested gamers. This game is free to play.

Archery Master Robin Hood 2021

While this game may be under the radar when compared to others on this list, Archery Master Robin Hood 2021 takes a refreshing spin on a relatively saturated genre in the mobile market by making it a 2D platformer. Rather than learning the ins and outs of archery’s mechanics, you will get to choose a character to go on epic adventures via a leveling system.

Upgrades will naturally come your way as the game progresses. Rather than mechanical skills, players will have to think on their feet to overcome the various obstacles in the later levels. This title is a five-star rated game from Enigma Gaming Studio – it is free to play and definitely worth your time.


Archero is a game that is possibly best for children for its cartoony graphics and kid-friendly storyline. Enemies like skeletons and demons are playful at best and certainly catered for a clean “G” rating. The game is somewhat of a dungeon crawl, that has the protagonist explore the fleshed-out maps for loot, leveling, and enemies.

Its premise may be straightforward, but it certainly impresses with its clean graphics, smooth gameplay, and credible rating. While this may appear to be a console game, Archero is a free-to-play mobile game perfect for the family.

Source: United News of Bangladesh