Best Food to Cater for a Bengali Wedding

Weddings may have been hit hard by the current epidemic, but we’ve proven that you don’t need the whole town over for a memorable experience. Regardless of the size of your guests, one thing that will be absolutely mandatory is food! Restaurants may be closed in some areas, but caterers and delivery companies are still going strong. Which means you and your spouse can dish out pre-covid quality meals – but for less people! Not only will that go easier on the wallet but you’ll be able to cater the best food for a wedding in Bangladesh.

Mishti Pulao/Biryani

The absolute staple to every Bengali wedding, pulao and biryani are your carbs of choice that everything falls under. Mishti Pulao is incredibly popular and its slightly sweet taste blends perfectly with mutton curry. It’s hard to go wrong with Biryani too, it is the culinary quintessential for South Asia and goes well with almost everything.

Kosha Mangsho

Another staple that will have all your guests drooling. Kosha Mangsho is authentic Bengali mutton curry that is cooked with goat meat, potatoes, onion, ginger, garlic, mustard oil and yogurt, Its recipe is more complex than one would believe at first glance, but its colourful ingredients certainly blend well with any hearty meal.

Dhokar Dalna

A vegetable dish that can either substitute other curries or complement your biryani, Dhokar Dalna is a decadent vegetable dish that soaks fried lentil cakes with tomato and coconut based curry for a myriad of flavours and texture. It certainly is not something for fitness buffs, but at a wedding, everyone deserves to go all out and this is one of the best vegetarian dishes to set eyes upon.

Chingri Malaikari

To balance out the heartiness of mutton and curry, Chingri Malai provides a lighter alternative with its prawns at the forefront. The dish is spicy in nature and uses coconut milk with an array of spices. Relatively speaking, this would be the go to if you’re looking to warm up or take a break from the heavier eats on this list.


Much like the Dhokar Dalna, having a Tikia can balance your plate if you’re facing a curry overload. Tikia has a well rounded collection of ingredients that can seem like much to some if coupled with too much biryani or mutton curry. Tikia is a fried cake that consists of meat (commonly mutton) and potatoes.


Finally, Borhani is a top pick for washing down the heavy dishes listed. Mixed with yogurt, mint, coriander and even chilli, this beverage is a classic Bengali pairing with any meal. It may seem like an unorthodox concoction to those outside South and SouthEast Asia, but if you ever attend a Bengali weapon, this is the first drink you should try.

Source: United News of Bangladesh