Best Fire Truck Rescue, Fire Fighter Simulator Games for Android, iOS

Driving a fire vehicle was a childhood fantasy for many people. The teamwork of red and yellow uniformed fire workers has always been attractive and exciting to other people. It would hard to find a gamer who does not enjoy playing the role of a firefighter or fire truck driver in a game. The massive fire trucks with a tank, a long ladder, and hose pipes are by design attention grabbers. And the importance and the noble nature of the job of a fireman have a profound impact on people. To make people’s fantasy to become a fire-worker and drive that queer truck, game manufactures have launched several fire truck simulation games. This article will name a few bests among them.

Fire Engine Simulator

Fire Engine Simulator is one of the most popular fire truck games available. Players tend to like the game for its excellent features. When it comes to selecting fire vehicles, the game offers many options. The setting of the game covers a large metropolis that players have to explore and rescue people from a fire event.

The game runs smoothly and faster. People won’t have to worry about lagging or loading screens, which often ruin the gaming experience. The manufacturers have included various weather condition indicators as well as effects for day and night to make the game more engaging. Overall, driving a realistic fire truck and rescuing the large business buildings will be a lot of fun.

Firefighter Rescue Simulator 3D

This firefighter free simulation game is perfect for players who want to serve their country and mankind as a firefighter. They have to show their excellence and intelligence while playing this ultimate firefighting game.

When players hear a fire alarm, it’s time for them to jump into their rescue simulator. They have to save people’s lives by playing a firefighter role. On their job, they must be vigilant at all times since an emergency may occur at any moment, and as firefighters, they must also acquire driving abilities to get on the spot as soon as possible.

Fire Truck Driving Rescue 911

Install Firetruck Driving Rescue 911 and play the role of the city’s most beloved fireman who arrives and saves everyone from hazardous flames. The game is totally free to download. Millions of simulation-loving gamers all across the world have played the game and given it good feedback.

The game revolves on different rescue missions on fire events and tests how players handle situations when they go wrong. Firetruck lovers can enjoy this game that allows them to experience 911 situations and rescue people.

Real Robot Transformation

Fire Truck Real Robot Transformation is another fantastic fire truck game in which gamers will be in a war with robots. In this game, you will compete against robots to save people from fires. It is one of the most intriguing truck games available. The robots aim to destroy the city, but you must defend it from these massive robots.

The 3D visuals of the game are amazing, and there are a lot of intriguing features. This game’s music and graphic features will also appeal to the players. They will have complete control of the vehicles and participate in every operation to rescue trapped people from fire in various areas of the city. Overall, they’ll have a great time playing this fire truck robot game.

Rescue Fire Truck

This fire truck simulator is a fantastic game to play for people who dare to face games that simulate incidents like a real danger. Gamers will be responsible for rescuing lives from major fire events all across the metropolis. They can become the American hero that everyone admires. They can participate in a variety of thrilling rescue missions.

Flying Firefighter Truck

A layer of fantasy has indulged into the Flying Fire Truck Transformation. Gamers will experience the thrill of driving and riding on the flying fire trucks. In this game, scientists have come up with such an innovation that gamers will be able to ride a flying truck while saving endangered people.

As the gamers live in a contemporary city, they will require sophisticated vehicles to save people from fire. The job has now become more feasible with flying fire trucks. It will give a one-of-a-kind experience to the gamers.

Fire Truck Driving School

For players who love to play a more difficult fire truck game on Android, this game should be ideal for them. The game is well known for providing difficult firefighter objectives that allow gamers to demonstrate their fire truck operating abilities. The game includes dual gameplay providing gamers with a smooth driving experience!

The effects of fire and smoke are both quite realistic. And it’s entirely up to the player to devise the finest strategy to rescue the people. They can respond to 911 calls and also act on them as soon as possible.

Fire Truck Game

This game is designed for gamers who want to experience what it’s like to be a fireman in real life. It’s a complete 3D big setting with realistic visuals that give natural gameplay. The game, too, is based on 911 calls, and gamers must do all their best to rescue individuals from potentially fatal circumstances.

The controls of the game are highly responsive, and people will be driving fire vehicles throughout the city.

Fire Truck Driving Simulation

With around 5 million downloads, this game is one of the most popular games of its genre. Firetruck driving simulation has a large metropolis that gamers can expedite and drive the truck around. This open-world-based firefighting game is a source of pure fun for gamers.

They will constantly be occupied with quests to put out city flames, whether they are vehicle fires or constructions fires. It’s a growing community, so gamers will be completing tasks and unlocking additional fire vehicles along with other features as they advance.

Fire Truck Rescue

This firetruck simulator game is specially designed for children so that they can love firefighting and understand the significance of firefighters. Children will learn primary fire extinguishing techniques and implement them in real-world environments.

Source: United News of Bangladesh