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BCL infighting at Shaheed Minar: 1 Injured

A city Chattra League leader was injured at the Shaheed Minar allegedly by a central BCL leader while paying homage to language heroes on Monday, witnesses said

The injured Ehsanul Haque Yasir is the former secretary of relief and disaster management of Dhaka city(south) BCL and accused Benzir Hossain Nishi is the central joint-general secretary of central Chhatra League committee.

Benazir has been accused of hurting Ehsanul while he was going to place flowers at the Central Shaheed Minar to pay homage to language martyrs.

The incident took place in the early hours of Monday at the central Shaheed Minar. However, Benazir Hossain Nishi has denied the allegation.

Ehsanul Haque Yasir received first aid treatment at Dhaka medical college hospital.

Earlier in the morning, while placing wreaths on behalf of the hall branches of Dhaka University Chhatra League, a fight broke out among some members armed with bamboo sticks, witnesses said.

Chhatra League leaders and activists created chaos in front of the altar. At that time the leaders and workers of Jagannath Hall and Shahidullah Hall were staying there. At that time, they were seen running towards each other with bamboo sticks used for carrying banners.

Also on Monday Chhatra League leaders and activists clashed in front of the entrance of the altar of Shaheed Minar, according to witnesses.

Source: United News of Bnagladesh