Bangladesh Women’s Cricket: Success Stories and How can they Improve?

Bangladesh women’s cricket is a shining beacon of hope for the entire country. The team has been able to rank among the top teams in Asia and has been hailed as one of the most aspiring national women’s cricket teams in recent days. The Bangladesh Women’s Cricket team has come a long way since its debut in international cricket in 2007. From being ranked at the bottom of the world, they are now one of the top 8 teams in 2021. In this post, we will discuss how Bangladesh Women’s Cricket can take its next step towards success.

Success Stories of Bangladesh Women’s Cricket team

The Bangladesh Women’s Cricket team have had a lot of success in recent years. On November 24, 2011, Bangladesh won the Women’s Cricket World Cup qualifier against the United States by 9 wickets and achieved the one-day status. As a result, the team entered the top six in the competition and entered the 10th position globally, which was required to achieve one-day status.

2016 Ireland Tour

Led by Jahanara Alam, Bangladesh, toured Ireland in the first week of September 2016. The team competed in three ODIs and two T20 Internationals against the Irish women’s cricket team. Although Bangladesh lost the T20 series by 0-1, the team won the one-day series by 1-0. However, the rest of the matches were abandoned due to rain. Rumana Ahmed scored the first hat-trick in the history of Bangladesh women’s cricket in that game.

2017 Women’s Cricket World Cup

The fourth edition of the 2017 ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup qualifiers was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The qualifying round is being held as the final round of the 2017 Cricket World Cup to be held in England. Bangladesh, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Ireland in the Super Sixes. Under the captaincy of Rumana Ahmed, Bangladesh finished fifth and retained their ODI status until 2021. They beat Papua New Guinea and Scotland in the group stage and Ireland only in the Super Six.

2018 Women’s T20 Asia Cup

Organized by the Asian Cricket Council 2018 Women’s T20 Asia Cup was the 7th edition of the ACC Women’s Asia Cup and the last three editions were played in 20 overs. It was held in Malaysia from 3 to June 18 2018. Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Thailand participated in the tournament. India became the first team to reach the final by defeating Pakistan by 7 wickets. Bangladesh defeated Malaysia by 70 runs to face India in the final. Bangladesh won the title by defeating India and became the only team after India to win the title Women’s T20 Asia Cup.

Test Status

Bangladesh’s women’s cricket team achieved the test status in April 2021. Twenty-one years ago, the entire nation celebrated with the joy of getting Test status for the Bangladesh men’s cricket team. After two decades, another day of joy and glory for Bangladesh in international cricket. The current Asian champion Bangladesh women’s cricket team got Test status.

The ICC board meeting decided to give permanent ODI and Test status to the full members. Therefore, along with Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan, women’s cricket teams also got the test status. In all, there are now 13 women’s Test teams. After starting their journey in ODI cricket in 2011 and T20 cricket in 2012, now the women cricketers of Bangladesh are very happy to get test status.

Tour to Zimbabwe in 2021

Bangladesh women’s cricket team defeated Zimbabwe women’s cricket team by 9 wickets to take the biggest wicket difference in their ODI history and also secured a series win in November 2021. This is Bangladesh’s highest win by a margin of the wicket in ODI cricket. With one match in hand, the team secured a 2-0 victory in the three-match series.

Victory against Pakistan in World Cup Qualifier 2021

Bangladesh women’s cricket team defeated one of the strongest teams, Pakistan, by 3 wickets in the World Cup qualifiers in Harare, Zimbabwe. Bangladesh women’s cricketers surpassed the target of 202 runs thrown by Pakistani women with two balls in hand.

What can BCB do for Bangladesh Women’s Cricket?

While women’s cricket is a part of BCB, the organization has less focus and less budget for the tigress. The growth of Women’s cricket shows the potentiality. Hence, BCB should allot more budget to take care of the Women’s team. At present, BCB has 24 directors but no women organizers. Further, there is no female member on the board of BCB. Not only this board of directors but there was also no woman on the previous or its previous board.

So, BCB should look at this, which will eventually improve women’s cricket. The path to board as a cricket organizer is not smooth for women. By making some amendments in the constitution, the path of women can be smoothened, and the process can be made easier. Bangladesh women’s team has a bright future. So, BCB can hire a better coach and plan for improved team management for the betterment of the performance.

One of the most discussed points in regards to women’s cricket is salary. It’s a well-known fact that female cricket players get paid less than their male counterparts. BCB can look at this, and an increment of the salary will definitely motivate the players.

How Women’s Cricket Can Get More Popularity in Bangladesh?

Although Bangladesh women’s cricket has many successes in their basket, they are not popular enough in the country like the men’s cricket team. Perhaps many do not know about the existence of Women’s Cricket in Bangladesh or find it less interesting to watch compared to men’s cricket.

Cricket, in general, has been a game traditionally played and liked by men in Bangladesh, while women have never found it attractive enough to watch, play and follow. This tradition perhaps still holds well among the majority of Bangladeshi people, including women, which results in indifference towards Women’s Cricket. BCB and other related organizations should spread Women’s cricket at the root level. As a result, women across the country will know about cricket and get interested in it.

Further, news and media should play a vital role in this. The media should put importance on women’s cricket news like the men’s one. Through this, more people will know about women’s cricket. Lastly, the government can take steps to start women’s cricket at the school or college level.

Source: United News of Bangladesh