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Bangladesh-US relations to get stronger, says Miller wrapping up his tenure

Outgoing US Ambassador to Bangladesh Earl R Miller has said the relationship between Bangladesh and the United States is “strong and will grow stronger”.

“As Senator Edward Kennedy said at Dhaka University in 1972, the real foreign policy of America is citizen to citizen, friend to friend, people to people. I hope I contributed in some small way to strengthening our friend-to-friend bonds,” he said in his pre-departure message on Friday evening.

Miller told Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina that he would visit all eight divisions of Bangladesh in his first eight months.

“I was so lucky to do so. Lucky to meet so many people of this great country, to experience a warmth and graciousness and generosity of spirit I think uniquely Bangladeshi,” said the diplomat who is on his way to Washington wrapping up his Bangladesh tenure.

Miller said he will treasure the memory of the kindness and grace of the people of Bangladesh.

“I depart with a heart filled with gratitude for the opportunity to be such a privileged guest in this extraordinary country,” he mentioned.

Miller also said, “I have a favor to ask. When Ambassador Haas arrives, please show him the same warmth and support you so kindly extended to me and my family.”

Miller was asked for his favorite memories of his three years in Bangladesh. In reply, he said, “It’s impossible to describe them all.”

The diplomat said he will recall the colors of the rickshaws and the faces of the drivers.

“The rooftops of Old Dhaka and the kites, those dancing on a string and the birds in the evening sky,” he said, adding that children in school uniforms walking home on a village road.

“The ship filled the rivers of Chittagong. The moon boats of Cox’s Bazar, the most beautiful boats in the world. The dark green hills of Sylhet and iridescent green of Barishal. Morning mist on the mountains of Bandarban and on the mangroves of the Sundarbans,” he also mentioned.

Miller said it has been one of the great honors and joys of his life to serve as US Ambassador to Bangladesh over the past three years.

Source: United News of Bangladesh