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Bangladesh Smart National ID Card Correction Process: Payments and Necessary Documents

The National ID card has been provided to every citizen of Bangladesh since July 22, 2006. The electronic ID chip smart ID card was launched on October 2, 2016. Its online service also started in 2020. Various benefits related to the smart ID card including the application are available online. In some cases, it is found that the information provided in the citizens’ national identity cards are inadvertently mistaken. So, let’s get to know the details about the NID Card correction procedure in Bangladesh.

Smart ID card correction procedure at a glance

The data correction of the Smart ID card can easily be accessed from Bangladesh NID Portal. The steps of the procedure are given below in order-

1. Creating an account with the user’s NID number

2. Payment of smart ID card correction fee

3. Necessary editing by uploading relevant documents

In this method, after the scheduled business day from the day of applying for the correction of the National Identity Card, the message of approval of correction will be delivered to the mobile number given at the time of payment through mobile banking. The revised NID card will also be displayed on the website. Then after downloading, printing, and laminating, it can be usable. In this case, it must be remembered that to get the revised National Identity Card with an electronic chip, the candidate has to collect it directly from his/her constituency.

For any further information about the NID card, hotline number 105 will be available at anytime between 9 am and 5 pm on government working days.

Smart ID card correction fee

The voter ID card correction fees are accrued in two cases.

1. On the front and back sides of each Smart ID Card, some information are displayed that the citizens provide through Form-2 at the time of registration. These include the name of the holder of the NID card, the name of his/her parents, his/her date of birth and NID number, signature on the front page, and address, blood group, and place of birth on the back. In this case, the correction fee is Tk. 230 for the first time, Tk. 345 for the second time and Tk. 575 for every time.

2. Some of the information given in Form-2 during the registration isn’t displayed on the NID card. For instance, the Candidate’s occupation, passport and mobile number, educational qualification, etc. The payment is Tk. 115 to correct this data.

Voter ID card correction fee can be paid at home through Bkash, Rocket, OK Wallet, and T-Cash. Data editing can be started 30 minutes after the payment of the prescribed fee. And it can take up to two months to get a modified smart ID card.

Necessary documents for smart ID card correction

In this section, relevant documents have to be uploaded along with the information.

→ The list of papers that the candidate is required to attach to correct his/her name or date of birth includes

1. Birth registration certificate

2. Certificate of at least secondary or equivalent examination

* If the educational qualification is below secondary or equivalent and the candidate is working in a government, autonomous, semi-autonomous, or statutory body, then the employee book or monthly payment order (MPO) or driving license or passport or trade license will be required.

3. Married persons will need the NID card of the spouse and an attested copy of the marriage certificate

* To change the name of women for any reason related to marriage, marriage certificate or divorce letter, attested copy of divorce decree or death certificate of the husband, an affidavit by the magistrate court should be submitted.

4. In case of changing the full name due to change the religion or for any other reason, an affidavit by the magistrate court, copy of an ad published in a national daily newspaper, certificate of inheritance, certificate of the name of the candidate from the union, or city corporation or employee book or MPO or driving license.

→ At the time of correction of the name of father or mother, candidate’s secondary and higher secondary or equivalent certificate (if the names of the parents are mentioned there), then attested copies of NID cards of his/her parents and siblings need to be submitted.

* To add “Late” before the name of the parents, attested copy of their death certificate, if they are alive, then their NID cards, the certificate from the Chairman of the UP (Union Parishad) or Municipal Mayor or Ward Councilor has to be given.

→ Attested copy of house deed or utility bill, house lease agreement, or rent receipt must be submitted for correction of address.

→ A medical certificate will be required for blood group correction.

→ An attested copy of the latest educational qualification certificate of the candidate should be submitted to correct the educational qualification.

Piling up

In the case of smart ID card correction, special attention should be given to the information displayed on the card. It is better to match every piece of information exactly with the information of birth registration and secondary examination certificate at the time of registration.

Source: United News of Bangladesh