Bangladesh now producing ‘big millionaires’: Nazrul

BNP senior leader Nazrul Islam Khan on Sunday said Bangladesh has now become the big millionaire-producing country as only five percent people of the total population are controlling the wealth of the state.

“The country is growing growth at a time when it’s declining in many countries of the world. But whose growth is this? According to research data, only 5 percent of people in Bangladesh are controlling the 95 percent wealth of the state,” he said.

Speaking at a discussion, the BNP leader said, “An international journal report suggests that Bangladesh is the biggest factory for producing new millionaires. Every year, new millionaires are being created here. Again, this is the country where 64 lakh people have become poor during the corona time.”

Nazrul, a BNP standing committee member, called upon people to get united to stop plundering and reduce inequality by establishing a pro-people government.

Bangladesh Shikkhok Somonnoy Committee arranged the programme at the Jatiya Press Club on the auto-promotion of students without examination and its probable impact on education.

The BNP leader said adopting an auto-promotion system is a wrong decision of the government.

He said it is not justified to cancel examinations due to coronavirus when offices, courts and factories have been reopened and the transport operation resumed. “Everything can go on but the exams can’t. This can’t be logical.”

Nazrul said the government could have taken exams on a limited scale miniating health-safety rules by using all the closed educational institutions, different auditoriums and community centres.

He said the government should have taken the opinions of the teachers and educationists before finalising the auto-pass decision.

Stating that students had no such an auto-promotion during the Pakistani rule, the BNP leader said there is no dignity of having such a certificate without examinations.

Source: United News of Bangladesh