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Aryan directed “PasheThakarGolpo” released

In collaboration with UNDP and managed by Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited, Aryan directed a drama named ‘PasheThakarGolpo’, and the screenplay is written by talented duo Sohail Rahman & Sakhawat Hossain.

Viewers can enjoy “PasheThakarGolpo” – absolutely free in Bongo, said a press release.

The story is about a newly married couple, Zahid and Noboni. Zahid, a doctor who has just passed MBBS, married BBA ninth semester student Noboni. But, before their happiest moment even started, the world suffered the Covid19 catastrophe, and the country, as well as their known world, changed drastically. As a result, Zahid had to join the emergency corona care unit of the hospital as a frontline fighter. But, in the meantime, an unimaginable tragedy happened to him! To know what happened in Zahid’s life, viewers have to see celebrated director Mizanur Rahman Aryan’s extraordinary drama “PasheThakarGolpo.”

Actors Saeed Zaman Shaon and Safa Kabir have played the lead roles in the screenplay of Sohail Rahman and Sakhawat Hossain. SaberiAlam has also acted in the supporting role.

Md. Masuduzzaman, Head of Content, Bongo, said, “This time, we have brought the story of PasheThakarGolpo. This drama, which is propagated in the public interest, will keep everyone safe and try to save the lives of the near and dear ones of the family, friends, and those who live in our surroundings. Bongo will come up with much more new content to bring wholesome entertainment to all.”

Source: United News of Bangladesh