’Ahimsa – Gandhi: The Power of the Powerless’ decodes the force of nonviolence

The Maker of Ahimsa Gandhi

Ramesh, who has written and directed “Ahimsa Gandhi,” came to the limelight after winning his first national award for his documentary on Rumtek Monastery in Sikkim. His political thriller film “New Delhi Times” won several National Film Awards.

Since then Ramesh has been actively involved in thefilm and television business. He has written, directed, and produced numerous films as well as documentaries.

Ramesh Sharma’s 78-minute documentary “The Journalist and The Jihadi: The Murder of Daniel Pearl” was his joint work with HBO. It was nominated for two Emmy awards in 2007. The documentary also won the national award in India for the best investigative work of the year.


To bring the philosophy and inspiration of Gandhi back among the youths, the story of the iconic leader needs to be told in a new narrative style so that the new audience can connect with it. And “Ahimsa Gandhi” brings the eternal message of non-violence to the screen in a different way.

Source: United News of Bangladesh