Actress Shabnam Faria speaks about her divorce

Actress Shabnam Faria has shared the reasons behind her divorce with Harunur Rashid Opu in social media recently.

However, controversies grew centering that Facebook post where Shabnam Faria wanted to present society’s attitude towards a woman when she gets divorced.

This actress told UNB, “Sharing my story wasn’t something so easy for me. I did not complain about any person in any way in that post. The whole complaint was towards the attitude of our society. Many women would not have to sacrifice their lives in this way if they did not consider the divorce in such a dirty way!”

“I have tried my best to show respect to the person who was in my life before divorce, although I’ve had so much rage against that person. I’m sure he has the same feeling. I also believe he has tried to show the highest respect,” said Faria.

About being tortured by husband, Faria said, “My point was that the day I had my finger fractured, I realized this marriage had already become toxic. But I’ve been watering a dead tree for almost two and a half years of life just thinking ‘what will people say’!”

“Now, of course, breaking my finger is true, but not that he did it on purpose. At one stage of the rage were blows and then my finger got fractured. So why is he now denying? What do you do if there is a sudden public reaction?”

“As so many talks about the post have been raised, it’s hard enough to prove my complaint. But there is still a chance to find out the CCTV footage of the hospital or the bills,” she added.

However, she wants to end this here for the sake of everyone’s honour.

Faria said, “Mainly, the intimacy that needs to be in a newly married couple was absent between us. This is why we decided to separate.”

“This time I hope everyone has got answers to all their questions. We’ve both come a long way in our lives,” said Faria.

She shared a post from her official Facebook page that she used to be tortured by her ex-husband and promoted the film ‘Debi’ with her fractured finger.

Source: United News of Bangladesh