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Actor Abdul Kader diagnosed with stage IV cancer

Popular TV actor Abdul Kader has recently been diagnosed with stage IV cancer and is now undergoing treatment at Christian Medical Hospital in India’s Chennai.

Kader – best known for playing “Bodi” in Humayun Ahmed’s drama series “Kothao Keu Nei” – is now in a critical condition.

Stage IV cancer spread to different organs of his body, according to his family sources.

Kader was taken to Tamil Nadu’s Chennai for treatment and admitted to Christian Medical Hospital on December 8.

On December 15, an emergency medical board informed the iconic actor’s family that he had stage IV cancer.

Next, Kader’s family opted for chemotherapy. However, the doctors discouraged the idea due to the actor’s extremely weak and critical health condition.

The family is now waiting to bring him back to Bangladesh on December 18 and give him chemotherapy once his body regains strength.

Well-known for playing iconic comedy characters and flamboyant portrayal of a family guy, Kader gained mainstream popularity for portraying the character “Bodi” in the ’90s.

He also gained popularity for playing the character “Dulabhai” in Humayun Ahmed’s drama “Nakshatrer Raat.”

Kader is also a regular cast on Hanif Sanket’s “Ityadi,” the most popular magazine show, and also acted in movies.

He has also been the head of merchandising and retail marketing of multinational footwear and fashion accessory manufacturer and retailer Bata Bangladesh.

Source: United News of Bangladesh