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5 seamen held by Houthi rebels in Yemen return home

Five Bangladeshi nationals who had been placed under arrest by Yemen’s Houthi rebels, finally managed to return home on Sunday.

The repatriated Bangladeshis are Mohammed Yousuf, Mohammad Alauddin, Mohammed Alamgir, Mohammed Rahim Uddin, Mohammed Abu Tayub.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had earlier announced they would be coming.

The 5 Bangladeshis were all crew members of a ship that set sail for Saudi Arabia from Oman last February, when their vessel was caught in a storm and sank near Yemen’s Al Salaif Port in Hodeida.

All the crew members, including 5 Bangladeshis, were rescued by the Coast Guard of the Houthi rebels, who have been involved in an armed uprising against Yemen’s internationally recognised government. The rescued crew were then taken into custody by the Houthis.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka coordinated with Bangladesh Embassy in Muscat, Kuwait and Amman and the IOM (International Organization for Migration) to arrange repatriation of the Bangladeshi nationals.

With the help of IOM, they were taken to Aden, which is still held by the government, from Saana, which has fallen to the Houthis.

Among the rescued persons, there were Indian and Egyptian nationals.

Two other Bangladeshi nationals (Jamal Uddin and Rafiqul) were also repatriated who were detained in Aden.

Earlier, Bangladesh Embassy in Kuwait issued Travel Permits in favor of the seven Bangladeshi Nationals.

Two others arrived in Dhaka on December 30, 2020.

The IOM coordinated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka to repatriate the seven Bangladeshi Nationals from Aden.

Source: United News of Bangladesh