4 Fast Vegetarian Dishes You Can Make At home

There are many who aren’t out of the woods yet as far as working from home is concerned and that kind of confinement can get anyone feeling a little peckish. Instead of succumbing to the craving for sinful things in the kitchen, going vegetarian once in a while can provide a good amount of nutrition and detox, while keeping you mostly bloat-free. With these fast vegetarian dishes you can make at home, you may just develop a long-term taste for it.

Warm Roasted Cauliflower and Spinach Salad


Salads are usually one of the biggest chores when it’s time to work for that summer body, but this recipe certainly breaks the mold and can be a treat without having a goal in mind. Unlike a traditional salad, you will begin preparing this dish by prepping your oven for a light roast. Pumpkin spice, white wine vinegar and pomegranate seeds are the main ingredients that add a robust collection of flavours to enhance the standard cauliflower and baby spinach. Olive oil and shaved pecorino cheese added will give this dish a hearty finish that will leave you satisfied. You can find the ingredients here.

Baked Eggplant Parm


If you happen to have slightly more time on your hands and want to dive into something heavier, this dish will have everything you need. Preparing an eggwash with salt, pepper, parmesan and Italian seasoning will be the first step as you whip out your baking sheets for the oven concurrently. After dipping the eggplant into the eggwash and baking it for half an hour, it’ll be cheese galore when you add mozzarella and parmesan into the mix before another 15 minute bake to finish it off. This dish is a vegetarian alternative to the classic chicken parm, but certainly can holds its own. You can find the full ingredients here.

Quinoa Bowl with Avocado and Egg


The name of his dish is definitely self explanatory, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a meal that could appease every millennial ever. More for the morning, this bowl will take mere minutes to prepare by first whisking oil, vinegar and salt. After adding quinoa, tomatoes, beans and cilantro into the mix, crack two eggs into the pan between two to three minutes and you’re basically ready. It takes 15 minutes in total and energises you for your day with its rich protein and Omega-3 qualities. The best part is this meal is less than 350 calories, and its ingredients are all extremely simple to find. To see the full list of ingredients and steps, click here.

Black Pepper Tofu with Bok Choy


Something for the fans of Asian delicacies; this vegan dish is dead simple to make and is one of the lighter meals on this list. Stir-frying is the name of the game, but don’t fret if you do not have a wok at home. To begin, dice tofu into cubes and add salt, peppercorn and wok oil (vegetable, peanut or coconut). These ingredients will spice up (literally) your tofu ever so slightly before adding the black pepper sauce. To create this magical sauce, you will need to prepare soy sauce, chinese cooking wine, brown sugar, more peppercorn and chilli paste. This topping will be the golden formula that brings your tofu and bok choy together for a complete and light dish. You can find the ingredients and steps here.

Source: United News of Bangladesh