3 Hobbies to Pick Up During Quarantine

It’s 2021 and the epidemic doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Despite heightened security and prompt responses in many parts of the world, the future remains uncertain and another lockdown could be imminent at any time. Unlike the first wave, everyone is better prepared; which means that picking up a new hobby during prolonged isolation could be the perfect opportunity to turn a grim situation into a productive one that we’d never have the time for otherwise. Here are a few hobbies to pick up if you find yourself back into quarantine.


Surprisingly baking has been taking the world by storm recently, especially among millennials. Being deprived from outside food during a confinement period can make any foodie go crazy- which is just the void that baking fills. Much like cooking, baking is an expression of one’s creativity and even character based on the dishes chosen. Your ingredient pool is reasonably sized and an oven will pretty much be the main tool you’ll be using. Sourdough bread, cookies and brownies are existing staples that can never go wrong if you decide to share your talents with loved ones. Many consider the hobby therapeutic, and maybe the ideal option to find your center in the midst of the current global situation.

(Dish) Gardening

Another hobby that seems to be picking up traction. Botany is best suited for the calm soul that is keen to nurture and literally bear fruits after months of “labour”. You don’t necessarily need a fancy garden to get started – dish gardening is more than enough to begin. In the dish, you’d naturally need the basic necessities of soil, sunlight and water; depending on the plant type of course and based completely on what your local plant store recommends. Dish gardening usually doubles as a decor piece for your living space and can be filled with colorful stones and figurines. Ultimately, committing to this hobby bears the responsibility of nurturing life; and if you are looking for a meaningful hobby – this should be on the top of your list.

Audio Production

This hobby may seem a little ambiguous at first, but it allows you to truly venture into many specialities with little to no effort. Music creation, podcast recording or even remixing fall under the description that caters to many different kinds of talents. Having strengths in storytelling or an aptitude for rhythm can converge online, using applications such as Audio Concepts and Garage Band respectively. The sky’s the limit with this hobby and can be shared privately if you are too shy to post any of your creations online. If doing this alone seems challenging, podcasting and storytelling can easily be done with a couple of friends and family virtually without having to leave the house. The only foreseeable barrier that could prevent some from trying audio production out is paying for some, more advanced sound software and having access to a quality microphone set.

Source: United News of Bangladesh