100-metre stretch of Sirajganj town protection dam washed away

One hundred metres of Sirajganj city’s protective dam collapsed into the Jamuna River Tuesday, near the old Jailkhana Ghat area.

The dam started giving away in the morning which raised panic among the locals.

After that additional police members were deployed at the spot.

Sub Divisional engineer of local Water Development Board, Md Nasir Uddin said due to heavy rain, increased water level of Jamuna River created whirlpools under the barrier dam.

Heavy rain from the morning added to the condition causeing the massive collapse in the damn, he said

Dumping geobags and CC blocks have proved ineffective in mitigating the breakage.

ANgry locals blamed the Water Development Board’s negligence for the condition of the dam.

However, WDB officials pointed out the extreme current of the river and soil erosion for this incident, claiming routine surveys had been conducted by them.

Deputy Commissioner of the district Dr Faruque Ahmed asked for all-out measures to prevent any massive collapse after visiting the area.

Source: United News of Bangladesh